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The Frisa brand is recognized worldwide for its quality, reflecting a production model that respects legal, environmental and animal welfare aspects.


Founded in 1968, Frisa is one of the most traditional meat company and a reference for the sector in Brazil.

For over 50 years operating in the Brazilian market, Frisa has brought to the table of thousands of consumers a mix of almost 100 products, from hamburgers to sausages. In the foreign market, the company sells fresh cuts of meat that follow the most strict quality standards. With over three thousand employees and strategically located units, Frisa has full capacity to serve any market, according to specific needs.

The quality of Frisa products does not come by chance. The company invests in constant inspections of its products and processes, carefully analyzed by a team of qualified professionals in modern laboratories.

Frisa is one of the pioneers of beef exports in Brazil, the company made its first meat shipment to Greece in the early 1970s. In the following years, it conquered other markets and expanded its exports. Currently, Frisa has customers in over 60 countries around the world.

The company is also active in the communities in which it operates, taking care of people and the environment. Good examples of this are the Transformar project, which has already provided training and inclusion opportunities for over 300 special young people from the city of Colatina/ES and the VERA program to reduce impacts on natural resources and energy.

  • +3000 employees
  • 3 units
  • Respect for the environment
  • Quality culture

Productive units

  • Colatina/ES Unit

    Frisa Colatina

    Frisa® Colatina Unit has 1800 employees and the capacity of processing 500 head of cattle every day, and store up to 6,500 tons of frozen products and 750 tons of chilled products. One of the factors that help in Frisa® quality chain is the agility in its export logistics, thanks to its strategically close location to the largest Brazilian ports.

  • Nanuque/MG Unit

    Frisa Nanuque

    Frisa® Nanuque refrigeration unit has 1000 employees and the capacity of processing 800 head of cattle every day, and can store up to 2,500 tons of chilled and frozen products. The modern unit facilities guarantee fast and extremely high quality production.

  • Texeira de Freitas/BA Unit

    Frisa Texeira de Freitas

    Frisa® Teixeira de Freitas unit has 300 employees and the capacity of processing 320 head of cattle every day. This unit is strategically located in a region close to large cattle breeders, significantly reducing the transportation time of the animals.

Respect for the environment

Frisa does not buy cattle or raw materials from land that has been illegaly deforested. It complies with environmental legislations, offer eco-friendly products and is committed to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of the community.

The future is to respect
the environment

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